The Rose Shaped Smoked Lid

The Rosed Shaped Snmoked Lid. A special item incldue the function and apperance!

【OTHS-23】5 pieces set of Shaker

Add the lemon or fruits your like, then add the ice in it to cash them together, Then pour the drink inside it to shake it!!

Wooden Toast/ Bread Cutting Board

Wooden Toast/ Bread Cutting Board The groove in the middle is to gather the crumbs for user to clean it.

【WOOB-07】Wooden Lemon Squeezer

Wooden Lemon Squeezer Ergonomic design for user to sueeze fruits more less effort!

Smoked Volcano Whisky Glass Set

A glass for a joy of visual and gustatory sense!! Adding wood chips on the base, use fire to burn till the chips turning red, Then put the glass on the base, the fire will put out soon and the smoke will rising up, Just like the volcano ready to erupt!

【POOB-31】"Bobago" Reusale Straw

"Bobago" Reusable Straw Material: Tritan Size: 22x1.2cm

【POOB-30】Plastic Jigger 45/90 ml

Adding the design that like a bird beak for more easy pouring.

【POOB-23-II】Ice Maker-Silicone Inner

The ice is crystal clear. Material: ABS+PE+Silicone Size:22.6x12x12cm

【BM-10】Coffee Bean Bar Mat

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